Steel vs. Rubber Tracks

By primesource | November 14, 2019

If you’re a tracked equipment owner or operator, there’s no doubt you’ve found yourself deciding between rubber and steel tracks. You might have run both track types on your machinery, but you’re still not sure what is better. The answer depends on your application of the equipment. It also depends on the conditions in which…

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Guide to Construction Equipment Replacement Parts

By primesource | August 22, 2019

Are you a business owner, contractor, fleet manager or equipment manager in the construction industry? If so, you know the timely replacement of parts is crucial for keeping your heavy equipment on the job and out of the repair shop. Prime Source is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality replacement parts for construction equipment in North…

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Landfill Compact Wheel Rebuilds

By primesource | July 23, 2019

Heavy equipment is essential to the operation of companies across various industries. That certainly holds true for landfill operations that rely on landfill compactor wheels for day-to-day operation and long-term scale. But what do you do when landfill compactor wheels begin to break down? Just because a single part of the machine is failing doesn’t…

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The Importance of Maintenance for Your Heavy Equipment

By primesource | June 12, 2019

You need to keep your heavy equipment running smoothly and predictably to avoid work delays. For the sake of your fleet, you cannot skimp on maintenance. In fact, keeping up with the operation of your construction equipment is almost as important a task as using it. Without proper care, your heavy machinery won’t be available…

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Guide to Metal Fabrication

By primesource | April 25, 2019

If you’re new to the metal fabrication industry, looking to get into this industry, or even a casual bystander who happens to be curious, the term “metal fabrication” might be confusing. What is it, what does it mean and how is it done? Like many industries, the meaning of metal fabrication is often misunderstood by…

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What Is an Equipment’s Undercarriage?

By primesource | April 16, 2019

The undercarriage of your heavy machinery is what keeps your equipment up and running. It also plays a role in your repairs, often half or more of your machine’s lifetime repair bill. The undercarriage includes various components that are simple on their own but are assembled to help your machine move over all types of…

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What Is the Difference Between Welding and Fabrication?

By primesource | April 11, 2019

If you’re involved in the metalworking industry, you often hear the terms welding and fabrication. People sometimes use the two terms interchangeably, but there’s a distinct difference between fabrication and welding. What is the difference between welding and fabrication? The best explanation is that fabrication is the overall process of manufacturing metal, whereas welding is one…

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Landfill Compaction Best Practices

By primesource | March 28, 2019

Every landfill needs a set of strategies and best practices to operate at its best. Otherwise, a poorly operated landfill can lead to complaints and decreased efficiency. Using the right waste compaction equipment is also an important part of running a landfill, as well as creating an effective operating plan. Helpful Landfill Compaction Strategies One…

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Drilling Equipment Maintenance Guide

By primesource | March 16, 2019

A fleet of high-functioning, fully operational underground and land drilling equipment is a sight to behold. Whether top and chuck-drive coring or cross-functional drills that can tackle everything from construction to quarrying, these pieces of heavy machinery unearth true worksite digging potential. Yet for their operators and field managers alike, maintaining heavy rig equipment to stay…

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Steel Track Undercarriage Maintenance

By primesource | February 20, 2019

You rely on your equipment to get the job done right. But when the equipment isn’t working like it should be, it costs you time and money. Keeping your equipment in the best shape possible is important to you in the long run. Undercarriage maintenance is a big part of the general maintenance of a…

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