Every piece of equipment will need parts eventually. The type you buy and where you get them can significantly impact how well they work and how much you save. Aftermarket parts can deliver outstanding value for the money, and if you know what to look for, you’ll always benefit from the buy.

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts exist for virtually every piece of heavy equipment, including machinery specific to the construction, mining and agricultural sectors. They are an alternative to factory (OEM, or original equipment manufacturer) parts.

These parts come out after the equipment hits the market. Producers follow the same designs as the factory part and will often take this opportunity to make improvements. Typical enhancements include using different metal compositions, making design changes or altering the processes used to produce them.

The Advantages of Using Aftermarket Parts

Whether you have a late-model machine or one that has a lot of operating hours, aftermarket parts can provide you with significant advantages. These products give everyone, including fleet managers, small businesses and independent owners, a cost-effective way to stay current on equipment maintenance and repairs.

Regardless of the type of your equipment or extent of the service you want to perform, you can use aftermarket parts to get the benefit of advantages like:

  • Affordable equipment care: Compared to factory parts, aftermarket heavy equipment parts are more affordable. Using them helps reduce your overhead costs, making it easier for you to submit more competitive estimates and improve project profitability.
  • More options: OEM parts are made by the brand or the producer contracted by the equipment manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are produced by many more manufacturers, giving you access to more options than your OEM options will provide.
  • Simplified fleet upkeep: With parts that are less expensive and easier to get, you can establish regular preventive maintenance routines to keep your fleet in excellent condition. You can also perform repairs when needed to minimize downtime.

How to Find the Right Aftermarket Parts

Whether you’re looking for undercarriage parts, tracks, engine parts, accessories, repair parts or another item to keep your equipment running, you’ll have to narrow it down. Aftermarket parts are available for more makes, models and years than OEM alternatives, and quality varies by manufacturer. You will want to make sure you get a match for your equipment’s exact part number and one that performs up to the standards you need.

Check your owner’s manual to verify the part number you want to replace, and verify that against the aftermarket part to make sure it’s a suitable option. If you want extra confidence in making your purchase, you can reach out to your parts supplier for assistance. You can also trust the selection, installation, testing and calibration of any new aftermarket parts to trained technicians.

Signs Your Heavy Equipment Needs Parts or Service

With aftermarket parts, you can extend your operating budget to take a more proactive approach to your equipment care. If you spot any of the signs your equipment needs service, you can move fast to avoid repairs and prevent additional damage to any corresponding parts and components.

Look for:

  • Leaks: Oil and other fluids pooling under or dripping from your equipment are signs of trouble.
  • Low fluids: Faster-than-normal depletion of hydraulic oil or other fluids are potential signs of leaks.
  • Poor performance: Engine stalls and low horsepower can both indicate a need for service or repair.
  • Visible damage: Visibly damaged, worn or missing components are sure signs you need replacements.
  • Odd noises: Listen for unusual sounds during operation, such as grinding, screeching and excessive noise.

How to Get the Most From Your Aftermarket Parts

Whenever you buy John Deere aftermarket parts, New Holland aftermarket parts or products for equipment made for another brand, there are steps you can take to get the most value from your investment. To help yours deliver the best performance and extend your useful component life, consider:

  • Establishing a regular maintenance program: Create and stick to a preventive maintenance program designed around your equipment and operating schedule.
  • Letting the experts take over: Partner with your local heavy equipment professionals for your equipment needs. They have the training and resources for the job.

Buy Your Heavy Aftermarket Parts Online

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