Landfill Compactor Wheels from Prime Source

To make the most of your landfill space and benefit from easy and efficient trash compaction, turn to Prime Source for your landfill compactor wheels. We have designed our compactor wheels to offer increased performance and durability to give you great value for your investment.

Prime Source has the best landfill compactor wheels on the market, thanks to:

  • One-inch thick outer drums that resist wear and deflection
  • Hardened steel steeple cleats in a variety of designs
  • Abrasion-resistant inner sidewalls that require less maintenance
  • Tungsten carbide weld protection guards for increased wear life

The result is one of the strongest compactor wheels for sale. You’ll get longer compactor life and reduced downtime, which combine to create real long-term savings. You too can take advantage of our experience and knowledge when looking for the best landfill compactor wheel for your landfill application.


Features for Better Compaction

Efficient landfill compacting comes from intelligent compactor wheel design. At Prime Source, our compactor wheels combine a variety of functions that make quick work of your compacting:

  • Demolition: Breaking down fair waste into smaller units and tearing apart assembled components
  • Compaction: Reducing the space of waste and removing empty space in objects and materials
  • Traction: Allowing you to climb and advance consistently across a variety of landfill waste
  • Cutting: Slicing through waste that otherwise is difficult to compact and move
  • Wrapping avoidance: Eliminating wrapping-related drive system failure due to long and resistant waste
  • Self-cleaning: Encouraging the compactor wheel to release trapped debris and materials

Landfill Compactor Wheels for Sale

The result is the best landfill compactor wheels for sale on the market. If you’re a customer looking to buy compactor wheels, contact our team here at Prime Source today. We can help you choose the right wheel design for your type of landfill waste.

Spend less time serving your compactor and avoid costly downtime by choosing a Prime Source landfill compactor wheel. You’ll also benefit from our experience and compactor wheel knowledge. We look forward to becoming your trusted source for all of your landfill compactor wheel needs.