Quality Used Equipment from a Reliable Source

Whether you are looking for top-quality used equipment dealers in North Carolina or used equipment suppliers in Charlotte, you want someone you can trust. As a specialist in used tailgates for articulated trucks, Prime Source has the experience and selection your business needs.

Specialists in Our Field

With customers across North Carolina in cities like Charlotte and Statesville, Prime Source has spent years becoming a leader in used heavy-duty equipment. Two of our popular product lines are our used water trucks and used tailgates. By offering you quality used equipment, we can provide you with the savings and value you need to grow your business. All of our used products have been inspected and verified and are ready to be put to use.

Used Articulated Truck Tailgates for Sale

Truck tailgates can take a beating and need replacement long before the truck itself wears out. That’s why many of our customers like to buy our used articulated truck tailgates. It allows you to extend the life of your truck and upgrade to a newer tailgate in better condition. With so many makes and models of articulated trucks on the market, we make it easy for you to find a suitable used tailgate.

Make the most of your equipment investment dollars by opting for a quality used tailgate. You can learn more about the advantages of purchasing a used articulated truck tailgate from Prime Source by following the link.

Available in:

  • 30 Ton
  • 40 Ton
  • 45 Ton

Landfill Compactor Wheels

We are proud to offer the most strongest and durable compactor wheels available on the marketing. We have engineered our compactor wheels to be efficient and superior at demolition, compaction, traction, and cutting. It’s superior design also avoids wrapping and is self-cleaning. Our dedicated and experienced team will help you find the wheel that is best for your landfill needs.

Contact Us About Our Used Equipment for Sale

Take advantage of our experience and wide selection of used truck tailgates available across North Carolina. Our entire team here at Prime Source looks forward helping you find the equipment you are looking for. You can fill in our handy online contact form to request information or a quote. You are also invited to give us a call or drop in to our Statesville location to discuss your water truck and tailgate needs in person.