The undercarriage of your heavy machinery is what keeps your equipment up and running. It also plays a role in your repairs, often half or more of your machine’s lifetime repair bill. The undercarriage includes various components that are simple on their own but are assembled to help your machine move over all types of terrain.

What Does Undercarriage Mean?

An undercarriage is the supporting framework underneath any vehicle, whether it’s an excavator, car or tractor-trailer. Any wheels or tracks get attached or fitted to the undercarriage to help your machine move. When you define undercarriage, you also have to look at the various parts, including:


  • Links
  • Pins
  • Bushings
  • Sprockets
  • Rollers
  • Idlers
  • Shoes
  • Frames

The undercarriage definition includes several different types, including heavy machinery steel undercarriages and rubber track undercarriages. You can purchase undercarriages separately if you’re restoring an old machine. If you’re purchasing a new machine, make sure to ask questions about the strength and durability of the undercarriage system.

Undercarriage Maintenance and Repair

Your heavy equipment’s undercarriage can account for expensive repairs. To get the best productivity and return on investment, you should keep up with regular maintenance and avoid costly repairs. It starts with avoiding actions that could harm the undercarriage, such as traveling at high speeds, reversing excessively, track spinning and more.

Equipment managers should check on pin and bushing wear from lack of lubrication. If it goes unchecked, it could result in a stretched chain from an extended track pitch. You can also turn these parts by rotating bushings and flipping the pins on the side where they get the most use. This prolongs your undercarriage’s life until you can take it to a specialist.

Prime Source knows the challenges that come with owning heavy equipment. The unexpected can often be avoided with proper maintenance, and the undercarriage is where it matters most. We’re sharing our expertise with these tips and information to help prevent mishaps with your equipment.

Undercarriage Sales and Services

At Prime Source Parts and Equipment, we can make your undercarriage as strong and durable as the rest of your heavy equipment. We can help you purchase new steel or rubber track undercarriages to increase your productivity. Our team also provides fast and effective maintenance and repair services for a variety of makes and models.

Contact us today to learn more about ensuring a long life for your undercarriage.