Prime Source Opens Hydraulic Hose Shop in Statesville

By primesource | February 23, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATESVILLE, NC — February 23, 2024 — Prime Source Parts & Equipment, your trusted partner in heavy equipment maintenance in Western North Carolina, has announced the opening of a new hydraulic hose shop located at 1304 N. Barkley Rd. in Statesville, North Carolina. The shop is centrally located, within an hour’s drive…

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Cab Protection Systems for Construction Equipment: A Buyer’s Guide

By primesource | February 19, 2024

If working in unpredictable environments, it’s a great idea to consider a cab protection or forestry protection system to protect your excavators, dozers, and other heavy equipment from unexpected damage. After all, potentially avoidable project delays are sometimes caused by random events like collisions with trees, stumps, or falling debris. If you’re currently in the…

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Equipment Undercarriage Care Tips

By primesource | September 7, 2022

Big machines usually involve a similarly big initial investment. Investing in equipment means you want it to do the most work it can for the longest possible time. The longer your equipment and tools last and the more efficiently they perform, the better they benefit the companies that own them. When a machine does not…

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When to Use Ground Engaging Tools

By primesource | August 4, 2022

Certain jobs and industries involve the use of heavy-duty machinery. Industries like construction, forestry and mining log significant hours on their machines, leading to inevitable wear and tear. As a machine wears down, it loses its ability to perform as effectively. Ground engaging tools serve as a way to protect machinery from premature breakdowns while…

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A Quick Guide to Dozer Maintenance

By primesource | July 15, 2022

A bulldozer is an invaluable piece of equipment if you frequently handle earthmoving projects. Basic, regular maintenance will optimize your dozer’s performance and keep its service life as long as possible. Learn more about bulldozer maintenance and how to get the most out of your equipment. Signs You Need Dozer Maintenance If you notice your…

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How to Properly Maintain Your Excavator

By primesource | June 10, 2022

Excavators are subject to harsh conditions, often working in the mud, sun, snow and rain. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your excavator working as it should. You’ll also gain better fuel efficiency, higher productivity, lower operating costs and reduced equipment failure rates. Learn more about how to maintain an excavator to keep your equipment…

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Guide to Small Engine Repair

By primesource | May 9, 2022

  Small engines power many different types of equipment, from lawnmowers and other outdoor products to generators, pressure washers and industrial applications. Small engines offer compact size, straightforward construction and efficient performance, and can last for many years if cared for properly. Before jumping into a maintenance routine, however, you must understand how small engines work and what…

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Causes of Undercarriage Damage (and How to Fix It)

By primesource | April 29, 2022

The undercarriage is a crucial part of heavy equipment. This equipment component is incredibly strong, built to withstand some of the toughest conditions. However, damage to heavy equipment, and the undercarriage especially, isn’t always avoidable. There are various factors that can lead to undercarriage damage over the years. Here’s a look at some of the…

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Complete Guide to Portable Generators

By primesource | March 11, 2022

Unlike static generators that are permanently secured to the ground, portable generators offer mobility and ease of use for occasional or less-demanding applications. If you don’t often experience power outages, a portable generator’s cost-effective nature and ability to provide emergency power to key appliances make it a smart choice. Static generators will kick on automatically in…

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The Difference Between a 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Engine

By primesource | February 22, 2022

Throughout the many changes and innovations in automotive and engine design, one thing has remained a constant — the design of two-stroke and four-stroke engines. While you may have heard of these types of engines before, you may be asking yourself what the difference is between them. Here’s what you need to know about the…

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