Landfill Compaction Best Practices

By primesource | March 28, 2019

Every landfill needs a set of strategies and best practices to operate at its best. Otherwise, a poorly operated landfill can lead to complaints and decreased efficiency. Using the right waste compaction equipment is also an important part of running a landfill, as well as creating an effective operating plan. Helpful Landfill Compaction Strategies One…

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Drilling Equipment Maintenance Guide

By primesource | March 16, 2019

A fleet of high-functioning, fully operational underground and land drilling equipment is a sight to behold. Whether top and chuck-drive coring or cross-functional drills that can tackle everything from construction to quarrying, these pieces of heavy machinery unearth true worksite digging potential. Yet for their operators and field managers alike, maintaining heavy rig equipment to stay…

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Why You Should Use a Tailgate on Your Articulated Truck

By primesource | February 12, 2019

For your business, efficiency is everything. You need to get the job done fast, and you need to get it done right the first time. When your trucks aren’t performing like they should be, you have a harder time making that happen. When you use tailgates for your trucks, you can get the job done better. Using…

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A Guide to Rubber Track Equipment Undercarriage System

By primesource | January 14, 2019

When you’re considering whether to use rubber tracks vs. steel tracks for your loader, skidder or mini excavator, rubber tracks offer numerous benefits and lower costs than steel tracks. Well, both types have their uses, and choosing between the two is not something you should do on a coin toss. Knowing the benefits of rubber tracks and…

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Benefits of Adding Cameras to Your Construction Equipment

By primesource | October 20, 2017

Safe and efficient use of your construction equipment comes down to knowing how to use it properly. For many users, the addition of cameras to their construction equipment carries many benefits that allow them to save time and be surer of their surroundings. At Prime Source, we have decades of experience with industrial and construction…

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Prime Source Parts & Equipment Location Opens in Statesville, NC

By primesource | March 16, 2017

Visit Us at Our New Statesville Facility! It is our pleasure to announce the opening of Prime Source Parts & Equipment, CTE’s newest facility in Statesville, NC. The location will serve the needs of owners and equipment managers with fleets comprised of all different makes of equipment, in addition to businesses searching for a reliable…

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