For your business, efficiency is everything. You need to get the job done fast, and you need to get it done right the first time. When your trucks aren’t performing like they should be, you have a harder time making that happen.

When you use tailgates for your trucks, you can get the job done better. Using tailgates makes your trucks work harder, longer.

Better Productivity, Longer Life

You know that tailgating your fleet of trucks increases their productivity. The tailgate closes the rear of the bed of the truck, giving you more room to work with. With more space, your truck can haul more. When you can carry more on each load, you can take fewer trips. This helps you get the job done faster. And when you get the job done faster, both you and your client are happier.

Using a tailgate doesn’t just make your truck carry more. It keeps more in. Without a tailgate, you might be overloading the front of the truck to keep material from spilling out. With a tailgate, you can distribute the load more evenly across the bed. This helps prevent spillage during transport. When you don’t have to go back and clean up spills, the job gets done quicker.

Having that evenly distributed load makes dumping easier, too. Once you get the load where it needs to be, you can get it out of the truck with fewer spills and more accuracy.

Service You Can Trust

When you do a job more efficiently, you save on fuel costs. Having to fuel up less frequently saves you money and time on the job.

Having a tailgate on your trucks helps them last longer. Your truck was a big investment — you want to make sure it hangs in there as long as possible. When weight is more evenly distributed with a tailgate, it puts less stress on the front parts of the truck. Many tailgates also use efficient parts that don’t require too much maintenance.

Make your articulated truck work harder for you by using a tailgate. For more information or to get a free quote, contact PrimeSource today.