If you're interested in getting the most out of your ground-engaging tools (GET), consider adding tungsten carbide to them and your cutting edges.

What Is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten carbide is an alloy made of equal proportions of carbon and tungsten — a tough metal that occurs naturally. It has the highest melting point of any element other than carbon. When these two elements combine, the result is an ultra-durable alloy with hardness comparable to diamonds.

Tungsten carbide begins life most commonly as a powder with a texture similar to salt. The alloy mixes with a metallic binder in a process called sintering during product cast.

The material is ideal for operating environments with highly abrasive, low-impact conditions, thanks to its exceptional toughness and wear.

What Are the Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Cutting Edges?

Adding tungsten carbide to your cutting edges and GET offers many benefits, including:

  • Extended lifespan: Carbide blades boost your GET's life span because they retain their cutting edges up to five times longer than traditional edging. Plus, the blades wear evenly, preventing the steel from crowning.
  • Thicker and more durable edges: Tungsten carbide reinforces cutting edges and GET beyond the original manufacturing specs, producing long-lasting wear. Plus, the alloy's hardness makes it ideal for penetrating tougher structural materials.
  • Fewer blade changes: This technology increases productivity by keeping you working longer. Less changes also means lower expenses.
  • Corrosion resistance: Tungsten carbide is naturally resistant to corrosion and doesn't react with water or air. As a result, it offers better protection for equipment's structural integrity.
  • High heat resistance: Due to its high melting point, tungsten carbide is suitable for work environments generating higher temperatures.
  • Cleaner cuts: Carbide cutting edges make smoother and more precise cuts, a must for certain applications.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Since the alloy is recyclable, tungsten carbide remains a solid choice for overall affordability.


The highly skilled team at Prime Source Parts and Equipment can help you take advantage of these benefits as your tungsten carbide blade supplier.

Let us add Tungsten Carbide to your Fleet

Prime Source Parts and Equipment — a division of the CTE companies, including Carolina Cat — is your single source for the latest tools and technologies to improve your heavy equipment. We carry a full selection of tungsten carbide inserts for your entire fleet, including:

  • Excavators: Protect adapters while increasing penetration ability. The experts at Prime Source Parts and Equipment locate both large and small bucket teeth reinforced with tungsten carbide.
  • Motor graders: Smooth out the roughest roadways with fewer passes. Prime Source Parts and Equipment offers tungsten carbide grader blades in flat, serrated, insert and curved styles for maximum versatility.
  • Wheel loaders: Use bolt-on cutting edges (BOCE) reinforced with the alloy to reduce overall operating costs. Our team sources these in single- and double-edge varieties.
  • Skid steers: Get better grab while maintaining durability. The Prime Source Parts and Equipment professionals provide tungsten carbide-enhanced ripper teeth, augers and more for your application.
  • Compact track loaders: Improve material removal rates with brush cutters, trenchers and more with alloy-reinforced cutting edges. Our knowledgeable team members can advise you on the best choices for landscaping and other rugged environments.

Add Tungsten Carbide Cutting Edges to Your GET Now

Our expert technicians recommend the right tungsten carbide-enhanced edging for your equipment to boost its performance and extend its useful life, saving you money and time. Contact a Prime Source Parts and Equipment specialist today by calling 704-459-4051 or request your quote online.