Hydraulic Hose Assembly and Repair

Prime Source Parts and Equipment is your one-stop shop for heavy equipment hose builds and repairs. At our hose shop, we proudly serve all mixed fleet customers using top-of-the-line Cat® hydraulic hoses that are built to last. We can handle any hose issue, from abrasions to general wear and can service heavy construction and farm equipment.

Service Offerings Near North Charlotte

A few common issues your hydraulic hose may experience include:

  • Hydraulic hose assembly
  • Hydraulic hose repair 
  • Hose fitting installation
  • Crimping, routing and clamping

Our experienced staff will inspect your hoses and quickly identify solutions to get your equipment back up and running. We have all the firsthand experience, tools and parts to repair leaks, abrasions and bends so you can trust your hydraulics system's reliability and performance.

Prime Source can also help your team with both Cat and non-Cat component parts.

Common Hydraulic Hose Issues

  • Abrasions: As hydraulic hoses contract and stretch, they may rub against other components, resulting in abrasions that create wear and tear and cause leaks.
  • Heat aging: When hydraulic hoses are exposed to high temperatures, they can lose their flexibility and stiffen, making it more likely for them to crack and leak.
  • Tube erosion: Hydraulic hoses can deteriorate as concentrated high-velocity fluid streams flow through because the fluids gradually erode the inner tubes.
  • Bends near fittings: Due to poor routing or the hose's weight, hydraulic hoses can bend by the fitting where the hose and crimp seal meet, which wears the tube and creates leaks.
  • End of service life: Hydraulic hoses generally have a service life of about five to six years, and as they age, they become brittle and crack.
  • Twists and kinks: Poor routing, hose weight and other factors may cause your hydraulic hoses to twist, bend, kink or become crushed, which can damage your hoses' structural integrity and cause leaks.

Benefits of Using Prime Source for Hydraulic Hose Repair

At Prime Source, we take pride in being a trusted partner to the success of your business—from hydraulic hose repair to undercarriage parts and service. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Quick turnaround times: Our team works diligently to get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible to minimize downtown.
  • Comprehensive service: We offer repair services for all makes and brands, and stock parts for numerous original equipment manufacturers in the heavy construction space.
  • Helpful staff: Our dedicated and experienced staff understand how vital equipment is to your operations; we'll help you find the right parts or repair for your needs.

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Prime Source is proud to serve as your trusted go-to hydraulic hose repair shop in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and the surrounding areas of western North Carolina. We look forward to helping you find the right part, solution, or repair for your heavy equipment fleet. Give us a call today to connect with one of our experts, or contact us online to schedule service.

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