Does your business rely on walk-behind Bobcat equipment like mini-track loaders or excavators? Many compact ‘walk-behind’ models rely on an undercarriage and rubber tracks to provide stability and maneuverability on various surfaces and subsoils.

When it's time to replace your Bobcat’s rubber tracks or undercarriage assembly, Prime Source Parts and Equipment has you covered as a full-service undercarriage solutions provider for Bobcat® and other leading brands. We deliver high-quality parts and undercarriage service for Bobcat Compact Track Loaders ranging from the M3-series, R-series, Mini Track loader (MT) series, as well as other compact and large Bobcat excavators.


The Importance of Rubber Track Maintenance for Bobcat Equipment

Tracks are the foundation of an undercarriage system because they support the equipment's weight as it traverses the ground and ensures you have reliable traction on challenging terrain. A track contains numerous parts and components like pins, bushings, and links that must work together seamlessly to keep the equipment rolling.

To minimize downtime, rubber tracks should be regularly inspected for signs of wear, and proactively serviced or replaced to minimize downtime for your fleet.

How Often Should You Replace Rubber Tracks?

It depends. Multiple factors like operating conditions, number of operating hours, or a simple visual inspection can indicate when it's time to consider replacing rubber tracks on an undercarriage. You should upgrade the tracks if the underlying steel cord is showing, or the guide rail is deteriorating; always refer to manufacturer recommendations. A track inspection should be part of your regular maintenance inspection and operator safety inspection process.

Why Choose Prime Source for Rubber Track Replacement?

An undercarriage is a complete system that requires extensive expertise to handle a challenging replacement project like upgrading the tracks. At Prime Source, our team of certified technicians are familiar with all Bobcat walk-behind equipment models and understand what it takes to keep them performing well.

Here are a few more reasons why customers prefer Prime Source for their Bobcat undercarriage and rubber track service:

  • Accessible parts: You can purchase rubber tracks and other essential Bobcat parts and components from us. We carry a wide selection of aftermarket products that perform as well as their OEM counterparts at a lower price.
  • Minimal downtime: We recognize the importance of getting your equipment back on the job as quickly as possible. Our certified technicians have the skills and knowledge to handle any rubber track replacement challenge with maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Convenience: We perform rubber track replacements at our conveniently located Statesville, North Carolina, facility. We can also provide service at your location in some cases, ensuring an even faster turnaround time.
  • Preventive maintenance: Besides replacing rubber tracks on Bobcat undercarriages, Prime Source can perform preventative maintenance on your Bobcat undercarriage to detect and address early signs of trouble to maximize your equipment's life span.

Schedule Service for Bobcat Undercarriage Track Replacement or Maintenance

Is it time to replace or service the rubber tracks on your Bobcat? Contact us to schedule a convenient service appointment today.