Safe and efficient use of your construction equipment comes down to knowing how to use it properly. For many users, the addition of cameras to their construction equipment carries many benefits that allow them to save time and be surer of their surroundings. At Prime Source, we have decades of experience with industrial and construction equipment, and are always looking for ways to help you make better use of your equipment.

We’ve put together this list of benefits of adding cameras to your construction equipment to help you determine whether you should get one installed.

Knowing Your Surroundings

The sheer size and shape complexity of most pieces of construction equipment means you don’t have a clear 360-degree view. The view reward is often particularly difficult. Back up with confidence and a clear view behind you with the installation of a rearview camera and large display screen in your cabin.

Watching for Other People

It can be difficult to know where your other construction crew team members, pedestrians and the general public are when they’re walking or driving near where you’re working. A quick glance at your display screen linked to your external cameras allows you to identify people close to your equipment who you might otherwise not see.

Ensuring You Work Efficiently

Working efficiently can include choosing the best path or route to follow for your various construction site tasks. A well-placed exterior camera lets you pick the most direct line or path when you move around your site or follow a line for trenching, rolling, plowing, scraping, brushing or some other task.

Guiding Other Equipment

From the comfort and safety of your equipment cabin, you can use your camera and cabin display to guide other team members working with other small equipment or manual machines. You save time over climbing down each time and can radio or call to them with precise positioning information as they work in the vicinity of your equipment.

Most brand new construction equipment includes cameras for these reasons. If you have older equipment but would like to benefit from practical and helpful cameras, contact our team here at Prime Source. We can tell you more and help you find the right model of camera for a fast and easy install in the cabin of all of your construction equipment.