When to Use Ground Engaging Tools

Certain jobs and industries involve the use of heavy-duty machinery. Industries like construction, forestry and mining log significant hours on their machines, leading to inevitable wear and tear. As a machine wears down, it loses its ability to perform as effectively. Ground engaging tools serve as a way to protect machinery from premature breakdowns while improving the strength and capabilities of the machine.

Learn more about what ground engaging tools are for and how they can benefit your operation.


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What Are Ground Engaging Tools?

Ground engaging tools (GET) are the parts of heavy equipment that make ground contact to cut, move and grade materials during work. These parts typically come as attachments to bigger machines so you can detach them to conduct maintenance, attach them or switch them out depending on your needs. While GETs help your machinery be more effective, they also help protect your machines from inevitable wear and tear. Ground engagement tools help machines operate at peak performance to achieve numerous types of jobs.

Ground engaging tools can be attached to machines like excavators, bulldozers and loaders. Ground engaging tools are made in various sizes to be used with machines of different sizes and in different industries. You can use GETs in any application involving ground-moving machines. GETs are useful pieces of equipment in any ground-moving job, from mining and construction to professional landscaping and sewer installation.

Types of Ground Engaging Tools

Since there are many uses for ground engaging tools, there are several examples of GETs you can use to achieve different jobs and results:

  • Adapters: Adapters allow machines to dig at a range of depths. This tool helps excavators, loaders and scrapers penetrate the soil at different levels. Adapters are valued in applications that need extra power to break the ground, like forestry, construction and mining.
  • Cutting edges: Cutting edges achieve unique scraping and grading results. They can either be flat — reducing ground impact — or curved and serrated to maximize soil penetration. Cutting edges also come in various widths, thicknesses and shapes to allow for specific needs.
  • Grader blades: Grader blades increase a machine’s ground penetration capabilities, allowing the operator to move materials more efficiently. They’re often used with other tools for greater versatility.
  • Rippers: Rippers protect the machine’s body while efficiently shredding ground materials. They’re an ideal tool for scrapers and bulldozers.
  • Bucket teeth: Also referred to as tips, bucket teeth attach to wheel loaders and excavator buckets to provide additional strength and groundbreaking capabilities. They also help absorb damaging shocks to the machine.

When to Use Ground Engaging Tools

Benefits of Using Ground Engaging Tools

Ground engaging tools are highly beneficial for any application of heavy machinery. Here are some of the most impressive advantages of using ground engaging tools.

Protects the Machine

One of the primary benefits of using GETs is how they absorb impact to protect the internal components of your machines. The impact of making contact with the ground quickly leads to wear and tear on the machine. The ground engagement tools help resist the force of impact when contacting the ground, helping to reduce the impact that reaches valuable machine components.

Increases Productivity

Productivity is a crucial aspect of any industry. Productivity and timeliness ensure you finish projects on time and please your clients. GETs boost productivity, helping you make the most of your time to work. Ground-breaking machines are efficient, and top ground engaging tools can help you get your work done even faster.

Efficient Maintenance and Repairs

When a blade or tip gets worn down or falls off your machine, you have to take the time and money to repair or replace it. If this happens to your only excavator or grader, repair times could significantly set you back in your work. Ground engagement tools allow for efficient maintenance and repairs on your machinery because you can quickly swap out the blades and tips. This saves you time and money on maintenance and helps you get back to work sooner.

Increases Versatility

Ground engagement tools offer more versatility for your machine. With various tools to choose from, you can pick and choose which GETs will be most effective for your projects. You also have the flexibility to change which tools you have attached to your machine so you can make your machine as efficient and effective as possible for any task at hand.

Extends Machine Longevity

Because GETs protect your machinery, you can expect them to remain in good condition for longer. Limiting the damage that impacts your machine helps increase its longevity. Additionally, GETs are highly durable themselves. Even with heavy use, ground engagement tools wear down slowly, giving your investment even more value.

Maintenance Tips

Routine maintenance is a necessity for any piece of heavy machinery. Even though ground engaging tools are only attachments to those larger machines, maintenance is still vital to ensure they remain in safe working conditions. Here are a few maintenance tips to help you effectively take care of your GETs:

  • Keep a maintenance log: Keep a written record of when you perform maintenance on which tools. This helps you track what you’ve done and can serve as a reminder for upcoming maintenance needs.
  • Configure bucket positioner: When implementing new ground engaging tools, you’ll need to reconfigure the bucket positioner to keep it precise. Skipping this step can reduce the life span and performance of your tools.
  • Rotate the use of bucket tips: Corner bucket tips tend to wear out more quickly than center tips, and using one set of tips for everything will wear them down quickly. Rotate your tips to keep the wear even and extend their life span.
  • Repair welding cracks: Cracks can form in the welding of your GET, making them unsafe to operate. When you notice cracks, have them repaired immediately to keep your tools and machinery in good condition.

Make timely adjustments and repairs to your machinery to help maintain its quality over time.

When to Use Ground Engaging Tools

Order Ground Engagement Tools Online

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