Your equipment was a big investment. When you take care of your construction equipment attachments, they’ll take care of you. The right care also means the life of your equipment will be longer, protecting your investment.

Tips for Equipment Attachments Care

Follow these tips to get the most out of your heavy equipment attachments:

  • Regular maintenance: Make a list of all the maintenance needs of each attachment and how often it needs that maintenance. Figure out if you can do it yourself or if you need to hire someone. See what other materials and tools you’ll need to complete the maintenance. Once you have that information, keep a maintenance schedule. Plan your jobs around the maintenance schedule. Your schedule doesn’t have to be rigid — it should be flexible. If you know you absolutely need an attachment for a job but it’s supposed to go for maintenance at that time, change it around.
  • Listen to the manufacturer: If your equipment’s manufacturer says that an attachment needs a certain part replaced after a certain amount of time, make sure you do it. The manufacturer’s recommendations are there to keep your equipment working for you as long as it can.
  • Train employees: Teaching your employees about the proper use and care of the machines they’re using can help you in the long run. You’re not the one with your eyes on those machines all day — they are. If they learn to spot something before it becomes a bigger problem, that helps you later on.
  • Storage: When you aren’t using your equipment, keep it in a safe and dry location. Protecting it from the elements keeps it from getting damaged.
  • Keep records: We can’t say this enough. Record what maintenance was done, how long it took and how much it cost. If you buy used equipment, make sure you get the records from the previous owner.

Having to repair equipment is inefficient. You have to delay projects, and you’ll lose money. Taking care of your equipment attachments makes it easier for you down the road.

Equipment Services Near You

At Prime Source Parts and Equipment, we can make your heavy equipment attachments as strong and durable as the equipment it’s attached to. With popular machine parts in stock, we understand the importance of keeping your machines up and running so you can get back to work. Our team provides fast and effective maintenance and repair services for a variety of makes and models.

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