Whether you work in mining, construction or another demanding industry, you need a fleet of reliable equipment capable of handling a variety of tasks and environments. Dump trucks are essential pieces of machinery designed to haul heavy loads of materials such as gravel or dirt. However, there are actually two different kinds of dump trucks — rigid and articulated.

Articulated Versus Rigid Dump Trucks

The primary difference between an articulated dump truck and a rigid dump truck has to do with the frame. In a rigid dump truck, the cab and dump body both sit on the same fixed chassis. In an articulated dump truck, on the other hand, the cab attaches to the tipping body at a point of articulation directly behind the cab. This design gives articulated dump trucks greater flexibility, allowing them to pivot at the articulation point.

Articulated dump trucks also provide increased traction and better performance on steep grades compared to rigid models.

How to Choose the Right Truck for Your Job

Articulated dump trucks provide greater flexibility by separating the cab and the body. However, rigid dump trucks may still prove more effective in certain working conditions and circumstances. The right dump truck for you will depend on a number of complicated factors. When deciding on a rigid versus articulated truck for your next job, remember to consider the following:

  • Ground conditions: The flexible frame of an articulated truck allows it to keep all its wheels in contact with the ground at all times, providing excellent traction. As a result, articulated trucks are suited to job sites where the terrain is muddy, soft and slippery, while rigid dump trucks perform better on well-maintained haul roads.
  • Type of job: Articulated trucks find common use in mining, quarry and construction industry jobs with short haul distances across rough terrain. Rigid trucks, on the other hand, offer an ideal solution for hauling materials longer distances at higher speeds.
  • Size of the job site: Because articulated dump trucks can turn at the articulation point, they are especially well-suited to maneuvering on small work sites with limited turning space.
  • Amount and type of material hauled: Rigid dump trucks tend to provide greater carrying capacity compared to articulated trucks. You should also keep in mind that rigid trucks stand up better to high-impact loads, including from under a drag-line or large shovel.

Contact Prime Source for More Information

When you choose the right dump truck for your application, you can ensure your equipment lasts and your team works efficiently. You can further increase productivity by purchasing a tailgate for your articulated truck. This type of accessory can reduce spillage and extend peak service life. To learn more, contact a sales representative at Prime Source today.