Benefits Buying Used Equipment Parts

Buying used construction and industrial equipment parts for repairs and maintenance offers you significant cost savings from the start. While this may be the major reason more and more customers opt to purchase quality used equipment parts and accessories, you’ll discover many other great reasons to consider used parts.

Our Prime Source team has put together a list of reasons why used construction equipment parts are a fantastic option when it’s time to maintain, service or repair your equipment. When you select reliable used heavy equipment parts, your company can benefit in six ways:

Benefits Buying Used Equipment Parts

1. You Save Money

It’s no secret buying anything used saves you money. Buying new is the right move for many fleets and situations. But in other situations, fleet managers may wish to save money by opting for reliable used parts at a lower upfront cost. When it comes to equipment parts, buying used offers value in more ways than one.

Right off the top, you save a lot of money over the price of new. And since some companies hesitate to buy used parts, even in perfect condition, you can often take advantage of deals and discounts. You may even snag a better deal by waiting for a sale. Those savings allow you to buy other parts and stay ahead on your replacement component purchasing and maintenance schedule.

Used equipment has also already undergone depreciation. You don’t have to hunt for well-worn attachments to find savings. A pre-owned component with relatively few service hours can perform nicely and still be quite affordable. Since the parts can last almost as long, you can save on maintenance costs as you would with a new part.


Because used equipment parts have already undergone initial depreciation, they’ll hold their value while you own them. If they’re still in good condition when it’s time to upgrade, you can earn more of your investment back at resale.

2. You Receive Parts Fast

When you’re looking for replacement parts for equipment in your fleet, chances are you need them fast. If your equipment isn’t working, every moment of downtime costs you more money and extends your active projects. Because new parts are in such high demand, they sometimes go out of stock. While in some situations it may be beneficial to wait for a new part to arrive, sometimes you need to get back to work quickly.

The used parts market is growing, and it usually results in a repository of available products at any given time. New items flood the market whenever someone sells a piece of equipment or breaks down a pre-owned fleet for parts. Any equipment owner looking to upgrade can sell their pre-owned components in good condition to earn back some of their investment.

Used parts dealers like Prime Source compile used parts into nearby warehouses. They’re ready to ship out as soon as you order them. And if your dealer doesn’t have an attachment, they can usually find someone who does, so you’ll still get it fast.

3. You Enjoy a Greater Selection

The used equipment market includes both salvaged parts in good condition and remanufactured parts. Many dealerships, Prime Source included, also have an extensive collection of aftermarket components.

When it comes to replacement parts, you have options beyond your original equipment manufacturer (OEM). You can find aftermarket brands who manufacture parts for your exact make and model at an affordable price. You’ll likely encounter several brands with components that work for your equipment, opening up your options even more. Sometimes, your OEM part is the right choice for you, and a parts sourcing partner can find reliable OEM options. Even some OEM parts from other brands may be compatible.

You also have your choice in terms of price range and quality. If you have high performance standards and need a used undercarriage track with few service hours on it, we have plenty of options. If you’re almost ready to replace your crawling equipment and want a replacement track to stretch its life a bit longer, you can find older undercarriage components at an even lower price.

With our used parts selection, you can compare different models and select the ones that suit your equipment perfectly, instead of defaulting to what’s available on the new market. We can provide a range of suitable pre-owned options ready to ship. Likewise, if your manufacturer has discontinued a product you need, we may have it in stock. We can also find a suitable alternative aftermarket component.

4. You Get Proven Parts

Used construction equipment parts offer many benefits. And when you buy from Prime Source, you eliminate the most prominent potential drawback — unclear part history.

One misconception about opting for used parts is that it’s hard to know what kind of quality you’re getting. If you’re buying used parts from an unknown source without experience, that may be true. That’s why you should always leave used parts sourcing to the experts at Prime Source. We have a rigorous inspection process that includes tracking where a part came from and how many service hours it’s performed. We only work with lightly used parts from reputable brands to ensure reliability.

A Prime Source certified technician performs a thorough examination of all the used parts in our collection. We verify the components we sell to ensure you receive components and accessories with many more hours of useful service left. We’ll give you an honest evaluation of the part and what you can expect from its performance. When possible, we provide details of its history and usage, since we understand how the application can affect its service life.

If any worn or damaged parts enter our inventory, we restore and repair them. Any used part we sell is always ready to install right away. If you want, we’ll even take care of the installation for you. In that case, you’ll receive both a proven component and certified installation services. Our installation, and any equipment service we perform, is backed by our industry-leading warranty.

Benefit From Our Experience

5. You Benefit From Our Experience

The average Prime Source certified technician or sales staff member has 20 years of experience. We’ve worked with practically every make and model of construction equipment, and our expertise goes beyond the heavy equipment industry. Our staff knows your trade and the particular applications you’ll use your equipment for. Our knowledge base extends to contracting, construction, farming, utility, nurseries and landfills.

We have field-based specialists who understand your needs and can recommend specific parts to fit your application. Beyond our technical knowledge, we offer excellent customer service and support. We strive to be a single-source supplier across all makes and models. As a result, we have a wealth of knowledge about your equipment and  compatible components.

If you’re shopping for used parts for the first time, you might have plenty of questions about the process. What are the benefits of used heavy equipment parts? Which builds are suitable for your equipment? Will using an alternative brand affect your performance? If you have questions or are unsure which parts you need, you can contact our team. We’ll help you understand the consequences of changing certain parts for repairs or regular maintenance. We’ll make sure you know the benefits of each option and help you find the solutions you need.

6. You Obtain Assemblies Ready to Use

When you buy parts new, they often come as a set of components you must put together. A great example of this is an undercarriage track, which comes disassembled. An undercarriage track is a complex system of links, pins, bushings, rollers, idlers, sprockets, shoes and frames. For many companies, it may make sense to buy disassembled new parts so they can oversee the assembly themselves. Here at Prime Source, we specialize in assembling track links, master links, repair links and idlers. We’re happy to assemble those items for you when you buy new.

When you buy a used undercarriage, it’s already assembled by the previous owner, which can also be beneficial. While we always offer the option to assemble and install your parts, you might prefer to use your in-house service team. In that case, it often makes sense to buy used to save your team some time. These assemblies come inspected by our team, so you’ll save installation time and know you have a reliable part.

Many of our used parts come pre-assembled, so all you have to do is install them. In the case of complex assemblies with multiple parts and components, we send everything you need, including the owners’ manual, for a hassle-free install. We’ll get you back to work quickly with pre-assembled or easy-to-put-together used parts.

About Our Used and Aftermarket Equipment Parts

There are so many reasons why used heavy equipment parts are an excellent investment. Between the value for your money and the wide selection available, many companies like to buy their parts used.

As you embark on your hunt for used construction equipment parts, you might realize the benefit of working with a parts broker. Shopping alone and directly from fellow equipment owners places the burden on you to inspect the components and strike a deal. If you don’t have experience shopping for used parts, you have nothing to worry about. We’ve been buying and selling used for years. We know a reliable used compactor wheel or water tank when we see one. As your used parts provider, we have the integrity and dependability you need in a supplier.

Expansive Used Parts

Used Parts Inventory

Our collection includes some of the most in-demand parts for your equipment, including:

  • Articulated truck tailgatesThe tailgate is an easily damaged component of your articulated truck. Replacing a worn-out truck tailgate with a lightly used tailgate has the potential to extend the life of your truck. That’s why used tailgates are one of our most popular used products. We have a vast selection of used tailgates in 25-, 30-, 40- and 45-ton models. We have options to fit your truck and offer low prices and free quotes. We even provide the option for a one-year warranty, so you know you’ll get a quality replacement.
  • Undercarriage parts: Our collection of used undercarriage parts comes from the top brands in the industry. We offer steel and rubber track undercarriages, both pre-owned and new. Our extensive inventory of aftermarket undercarriages comes from over 144 brands. Whether you shop with us for used or aftermarket, you’ll find the best prices and service.
  • Landfill compactor wheelsOur landfill compactor wheel remanufacturing program is one of the best in the business. We weld and restore used compactor wheels to high-traction, durable and self-cleaning wheel attachments. We offer designs for several applications, great for demolition, compaction and cutting.

All the parts available in our extensive inventory are high quality, priced to sell and ready to ship fast.

Specialty Part Sourcing

At the core of our used part services is our, “If you need it, we’ll find it,” mentality . If it’s not in our warehouse, we’ll source the right part for your needs. The brand is not an obstacle. Whether it’s a specialty product, a discontinued model or a small brand most dealers don’t carry, we’ll work hard to source it.

One of the benefits of used construction equipment parts is that they come with considerable variety. You don’t necessarily need to match the part manufacturer to the OEM. We know which brands are compatible with your make and model. You’ll have the chance to browse quality options from your OEM or a reputable third-party manufacturer. Once we’ve found a part you need, you can get it quickly.

We source from the most trusted brands in the industry, small and large. If your equipment fleet is mixed between several manufacturing brands, consider us your one-stop shop for used components. We’ll tap into our exclusive vendor networks to find what you need and get it to you fast with drop shipping. Our wholesale partners can offer you additional savings on compatible pre-owned parts for all the models in your fleet.

Aftermarket Products for Heavy Equipment

If you’re considering used parts for the value and affordability and don’t want to compromise on maintenance, you might consider aftermarket parts and attachments instead. Aftermarket parts are new components manufactured by third parties. While OEM manufacturers have exclusive relationships with their respective heavy equipment brands, hundreds of aftermarket producers offer compatible, high-performing products. Some brands even have their own aftermarket parts, such as the Caterpillar® aftermarket brand, Yellowmark™.

Our aftermarket stock and industry partnerships are one of the reasons we can advertise such a large inventory. While aftermarket products can vary in quality, we work with reputable manufacturers to find compatible parts for your equipment. You can trust they’ll provide the same performance you’d expect from genuine OEM parts.

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Prime Source is a leading supplier for quality used and aftermarket parts for all of your construction and industrial equipment needs. We proudly stock and source components for contractors of any size and equipment managers for farms, utility, nurseries, construction and landfills. One of our specialties is sourcing parts for mixed fleets. You can trust us to provide the parts you need.

Contact us for more details about the items in our used parts inventory or our specialty sourcing services. You can even call our used parts experts directly at 704-498-1122. If you know what you’re looking for, please browse our online parts catalog.

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