Articulated trucks haul hundreds of different materials such as sand, gravel, coal and rock for a range of industries including heavy construction, work maintenance and material handling. But when resources begin to spill off the bed of your truck, it can cause problems throughout your daily schedule and reduce your productivity.

However, the benefits of a tailgate for off-highway dump trucks can eliminate typical problems. With the addition of a tailgate, you will gain a competitive advantage, and your business will obtain positive results.

Why You Should Use a Tailgate on Your Articulated Dump Truck

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The benefits of installing a tailgate are more prominent than one may think. Refer to the following list and additional information below. Several reasons to invest in a tailgate are as follows:

  • Distributed weight. For companies that don’t have tailgates, it’s a common practice to overload the front of the truck to avoid material from falling off the back. While it may seem like a practical solution, excessive weight concentrated in one area can increase the stress of the front tires and the hoist mechanism on your truck. Because most off-road dump trucks haul one-third of the material weight on the front axle and two-thirds on the rear, installing a tailgate can achieve proper distribution.
  • Extended life of your truck. Making a sound investment in a tailgate for your articulated truck provides you the capability of increasing overall productivity while extending the service life of your equipment.
  • Faster and easier loading. The benefits of mounting a tailgate onto your off-road dump are exceptional. Since spilling becomes a minimal occurrence, haul road maintenance also becomes avoided, meaning less downtime and more time spent working on beneficial actions. Tailgates make for a larger target and help save on fuel consumption. Loading becomes faster and easier for every job you require.
  • Increased loads and productivity. The initial benefit of using a tailgate on your dump truck is an increase in load capacity.  Compared to having no tailgate, your investment will equip your vehicle to use the entire length and width of the bed. You will be able to close the rear end, resulting in larger loads — increasing production by 10-20 percent. No dump truck tailgate means the bottom corners of the bed become void. The slope for heaped capacity starts further from the rear, indicating a smaller region to transport material.
  • Less spilling. Because tailgates allow you to operate with 100 percent capacity, spilling is less likely to occur. In opposition, the open body of a dump truck can use only 75 percent of available space. Not only does less space produce smaller loads, but also more spilling and more downtime for your business.
  • Reduced tire costs. A dump truck tailgate can improve the overall weight distribution by allocating it to all four tires instead of the front two. As a result of the even dispersal of sand, rock or gravel, the hoist system pressure in your truck can be reduced by 15-25 percent. In the case you don’t install a tailgate, your tires are more prone to running over hazardous objects, making them more susceptible to internal and external damages. But with the added accessory, tire costs can be brought down by 40 percent.
  • Transportation efficiency. At Prime Source, we offer tailgates constructed from high-strength steel that require minimal maintenance, with the accumulation of maximizing uptime and transportation efficiency.

Prime Source Tailgates for Articulated Trucks

Prime Source Parts and Equipment offers product support solutions to owners of all makes and models of construction equipment and beyond. Whether you’re looking for new or used tailgates, our experts are equipped to help you determine the right part for your machine in both the agriculture and mining industries.

We ship anywhere in U.S. while concentrating our services in the southeast. We pride ourselves in partnering with large and small contractors, including but not limited to quarries, farming, construction, utility, nurseries and landfills. Our clients benefit from a single source provider of allied products that are fit and finished for exceptional use while being compatible with OEM parts.

Prime Source employs experienced technicians, specializing in industries to deliver service at competitive prices. We service clients with mixed fleets or one machine because of the exclusive vendor relationships we hold. Contact us to learn more or to purchase a tailgate for your articulated truck.

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