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Benefits of Buying Used Equipment Parts

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Buying used construction and industrial equipment parts for repairs and maintenance offers you significant cost savings from the start. While this may be the major reason more and more customers opt to purchase quality used equipment parts and accessories, did you know that there are many other great reasons to consider used over new?

Our Prime Source team has put together a list of reasons to select used parts when it’s time to maintain, service or repair all of your equipment and machines.

1. You Save Money
Right off the top, you save a lot of money over the price of new. Those savings allow you to buy other parts and stay ahead on your part purchase and machine maintenance schedule.

2. You Receive Parts Fast
We maintain an inventory of quality used parts for a variety of equipment makes and models so you can have them in your hands faster, unlike new parts that can be on back order.

3. You Enjoy Greater Choice
With our used parts selection, you can compare different models and select the ones that suit your equipment perfectly, instead of having to opt for what’s available on the new market.

4. You Get Proven Parts
We inspect and verify the parts we sell to ensure you receive parts and accessories with many more hours of useful service left. They’re always ready to install right away.

5. You Benefit From Our Experience
If you’re not sure exactly which parts you need, you can contact our team. We’ll help you understand the consequences of changing certain parts for repairs or regular maintenance.

6. You Obtain Assemblies Ready to Put to Use
In the case of complex assemblies with multiple parts and components, we include everything you need for a hassle-free install to get you back to work quickly.

Prime Source is a leading source for quality used and aftermarket parts for all of your construction and industrial equipment needs. Contact us for more details to start browsing our online catalog and find the parts you need  for regular maintenance, machine upgrade or equipment repair, and start enjoying all the benefits of buying used equipment parts today.

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