At Prime Source Parts and Equipment, we offer custom-built forestry machine protection systems for excavators. Our versatile forestry protection systems are available for any excavator brand. We can handle the entire building process — from the design stage to producing the final product — in as little as three weeks. Our experienced technicians can also provide expert repairs on your existing systems, so your excavators never have to go without protection.

What Is a Forestry Protection System?

Forestry Protection System for construction equipment

Forestry protection systems are vital for protecting excavators from stumps and trees that can damage your machine's exterior, systems and interior. This brush can cause minor yet unsightly cosmetic damage that ruins the appearance and lowers your machine's value. Trees and shrubs can even damage the machine's interior, causing dangerous engine punctures.

Forestry protection systems can help minimize damage to excavators in case an object falls on the machine. For example, our forestry protection systems work by forming a protective barrier around your machine. This helps in reducing the risk of prevents sharp trees and shrubs from puncturing and damaging your excavator's body panels and systems.

When we custom-build these protective systems, we add value to your excavator. This ensures the product is made to protect your machine, extending your equipment's life cycle.

Forestry Protection System Repairs

We provide forestry protection system repairs regardless of the original equipment manufacturer. Our repairs process can get your forestry excavator back up and running in a few short weeks so it can continue working for you. Our experienced technicians and customer service professionals will communicate with you throughout the entire repair process, so you're always aware of the state of your excavator's foresty protection system.

Benefits of Working With Prime Source

Below are some of the benefits of choosing a Prime Source Parts and Equipment forestry protection system:

  • Durable, high-quality materials that are ready for heavy and frequent use
  • Superior workmanship that ensures every forestry protection system is built to last
  • Constant communication throughout the design and build processes of your system
  • Custom designs that have a unique look and feel to match your business
  • Flexible forestry protection systems that meet your budgetary needs
  • Protection from stumps and trees that can hurt your machine's exterior and inner mechanics

Choose Prime Source Parts and Equipment

When you're ready to invest in a forestry protection system, choose Prime Source Parts and Equipment. We can work with any excavator and budget to improve your machine's safety and prevent damage caused on the job. When you purchase a custom forestry protection system, we will keep you informed throughout the design and build processes. Our experienced technicians and staff are ready to assist you with your needs, whether you need a brand-new system or repairs on a current model. If you have questions or are interested in purchasing or repairing a forestry protection system, contact us online or call us at 704-597-0030 today.