You rely on your equipment to get the job done right. But when the equipment isn’t working like it should be, it costs you time and money. Keeping your equipment in the best shape possible is important to you in the long run.

Undercarriage maintenance is a big part of the general maintenance of a tracked machine. Since it’s so important, you want to make sure you’re giving it the right care. Failing to take proper care of your undercarriage could lead to costly steel track repairs. Taking your equipment in for repairs will cause you to lose money and delay projects.

When you take care of it right, your machine will be there for you longer. This gives you a bigger return on your investment. Follow these tips to take better care of your steel track undercarriage:

  • Regular inspections: You should always know what’s going on with your equipment. Complete a short inspection before every job to make sure the equipment is ready to go. You should also do more in-depth inspections routinely. This will help you spot any problems early on. When you don’t inspect your machinery, a small problem could very easily turn into a huge problem. Catching these smaller issues early will save you hassle later on.
  • Cleanliness: Keeping your undercarriage clean is key. When lots of debris builds up, it can damage the machinery. This doesn’t have to be a big job — cleaning the track out after every job lets you save time. If you clean it much less frequently, each cleaning turns into a big job. Cleaning it out when there’s far less debris to clear is more beneficial.
  • Proper adjustments: Be sure to adjust the tracks so they aren’t too tight or too loose. And always make sure that the tracks are properly aligned. Using your equipment when it doesn’t have its proper adjustment sets you up for failure. Using it incorrectly will cause serious damage. The equipment’s manufacturer gives information about how to operate its machinery properly.

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