Heavy equipment is essential to the operation of companies across various industries. That certainly holds true for landfill operations that rely on landfill compactor wheels for day-to-day operation and long-term scale. But what do you do when landfill compactor wheels begin to break down? Just because a single part of the machine is failing doesn’t mean the piece of equipment needs to be replaced.

Landfill compactor wheel rebuilds offer the economical option to reconstruct a critical part of the machine and extend its longevity. Rebuilding restores the compactor to working order, all while bypassing the considerable expenses of replacing.

Assess the following questions when deciding if a compactor wheel rebuild is the right choice for your operation.

Can Repairs be Covered by Warranty?

Before choosing how to move forward with a broken landfill compactor wheel, check the warranty on your equipment. You may find that a warranty covers all or a significant portion of landfill compactor wheel rebuilds.

What Are Your Equipment Priorities?

Many times, the lowest-cost option is the most attractive. But a landfill compactor wheel rebuild is about more than just a bottom-line expense. Take this opportunity to think strategically about your equipment needs and your company’s long-term priorities.

What Can You Afford?

Of course, finances remain an important part of the decision. Determine how much you owe on your old equipment, and then consider financing options for buying new equipment. If the numbers simply don’t add up, it’s likely time to pursue compactor wheel rebuilds.

The Pros of Rebuilding

Rebuild pros include the opportunity to fix the problem at a low price point, the avoidance of depreciation, the extension of life expectancy and more.

What’s the Best Solution for You?

If you’re wrestling with the decision of how to pursue a landfill compactor wheel rebuild, lean on the experience and knowledge you’ll find at Prime Source. You can always contact us to ask questions or get additional support as you consider your options.