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Prime Source Shop Service Capabilities

With a large shop dedicated to truck and heavy equipment service, Prime Source Parts and Equipment is a leader in equipment service in North Carolina. We offer a wide range of shop service capabilities to take care of all your equipment needs. When you have a trusted partner like Prime Source, you can focus your time and energy on the job at hand and get the most out of your heavy trucks and construction equipment. Benefit from our experience, knowledge and skills to keep you running.

Taking Care of All Your Shop Service Needs

If you are running a fleet of heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment, service is important to you. Having equipment break down not only wastes time, it also costs you money. For expert service, turn to our technicians at Prime Source. They have the knowledge and tools to handle a wide variety of shop tasks, including:

  • Drivetrain repair: Prime Source technicians have experience servicing all makes and models and making repairs to OEM specifications
  • Sheet metal: We offer sheet metal for sale in Charlotte and throughout NC for cab and chassis repair, either for your own installation or welding by our trained welders
  • Cab repair: Let our team take care of all your cab repair, from general wear and tear, rust, or damage after an impact or accident
  • Hydraulic component repair: We can inspect and repair every component of your hydraulic systems to ensure trouble-free reliability and performance
  • Undercarriage Service: If it crawls, our service technicians are ready to help fix it. We can help with everything from replacing broken tracks to repairing broken chains.
  • Basic electrical components: We can take care of the installation of your basic electrical equipment replacements and upgrades
  • Camera installation: If you’re adding cameras to your equipment, our technicians can handle the installation and wiring to get them working

These are just a few of the shop service capabilities we offer our customers in North Carolina. Whether you need drivetrain repair in Charlotte or Idler assembly in Winston Salem or anything in between we are ready to help. Our dedicated service technicians always have a solution and know how important it is for you to get your trucks and equipment back on the jobsite where you can put them to use.

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