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Reducing Wear on Your Undercarriage

Posted: 11/28/2017 by Nikki Smith | with 0 comment(s)

Extend the life of your crawling construction equipment by reducing the wear on your undercarriage.

Benefits of Adding Cameras to Your Construction Equipment

Posted: 10/20/2017 by Nikki Smith | with 0 comment(s)

Make your equipment more safe and efficient by having a practical and helpful camera installed.

Benefits of Buying Used Equipment Parts

Posted: 9/13/2017 by Nikki Smith | with 0 comment(s)

Discover the six benefits to buying used construction and industrial equipment parts for repairs and maintenance.

Water Truck Applications

Posted: 8/15/2017 by Nikki Smith | with 0 comment(s)

Having access to a large quantity of water may be necessary at different phases of your construction project, and choosing the right water truck with the right features and accessories can help save you time and ultimately money.

Equipment Undercarriage Care Tips

Posted: 7/26/2017 by Nikki Smith | with 0 comment(s)

If your equipment crawls, keeping your rubber or steel undercarriage cared for is crucial to keeping it running effectively for longer. View our Equipment Undercarriage: 10 Care Tips to Benefit Business.

Prime Source Parts & Equipment Location Opens in Statesville, NC

Posted: 3/16/2017 by Nikki Smith | with 0 comment(s)

It is our pleasure to announce the opening of Prime Source Parts & Equipment, CTE’s newest facility in Statesville, NC. The location will serve the needs of owners and equipment managers with fleets comprised of all different makes of equipment, in addition to businesses searching for a reliable source for maintenance and repairs.

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