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Services for Water Trucks

If you’re looking for reliable, professional water truck repair services in North Carolina, Prime Source can offer the right solution fast. We understand that downtime for your water truck means downtime for your business, so our team of highly skilled service technicians will complete effective repairs before you lose valuable company hours or progress. As a leading source of water truck maintenance, rebuilds and repairs in NC and the surrounding region, we will get you back up and running in no time.

The Types of Water Truck Repairs and Maintenance We Offer

You need to take care of a number of parts on your water truck to ensure full functionality. We provide several water truck services so that you don't have to stress:

  • Water truck drivetrain repair: No matter the make or model of the water truck you request repairs for, our experienced professionals will make sure it gets completed to OEM specifications.
  • Undercarriage maintenance: Depending on the level of damage, we can repair or replace broken tracks and chains to keep your equipment efficient. 
  • Cab repairs: We apply our cutting-edge service capabilities to repair your cab after impact or accident damage, rust or even general wear and tear.
  • Hydraulic component repair: To avoid current problems or breakdown in the future, we inspect and fix any hydraulic parts in your water truck.
  • Basic electrical components: At Prime Source, we complete your upgrades and replacements quickly and affordably.
  • Sheet metal: Prime Source sheet metal capabilities include welding by our skilled welders for complete cab and chassis repairs. We also sell sheet metal throughout NC and the surrounding regions for those who want to complete their own installation.
  • Camera installation: If you want to add cameras to your water truck for better visibility, our trained technicians can install and wire them properly for your convenience

Take Advantage of Our Water Truck Services

If you want to partner with a reliable company for your water truck repairs and rebuilds near you, look no further. We will handle emergency repairs and rebuilds quickly so that you don’t even have to consider spending the money to repurchase a whole new truck. Contact us now to find out more and request your water truck repairs! 


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