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Starting a recycled water hauling program in your community is a smart choice — not only for residents but also for the environment.

Depending on where you live in the United States, regulations may vary. To learn more information about your state’s specific laws, refer to the Environmental Protection Agency. Their website offers guidelines for water reuse, summarizing state requirements for water recycle treatment and specifications. While procedures may vary in each state, common things to adhere to are as follows:

  • Cleaning procedures
  • Emergency permit
  • Sanitizing procedures
  • Tank construction
  • Water source and quality

The Right Truck for Your Recycled Water Program

Determining whether you should purchase a new water truck or to rent one may pose a difficult decision when starting a community water program. However, it all depends on how often you will use the truck and for what jobs.

If you only plan to use a water truck several times a year for small projects, it may be to your advantage to rent a water truck compared to investing in a new one. But if your community plans on using a truck for large jobs throughout the year, it’s a wise asset to purchase.

Recycled Water in Your Community

Recycled water is wastewater that’s been treated, allowing it to be used again in a different application and to resource your community during droughts. A community water conservation program captures runoff water from storm drains, water from fire hydrants or other areas with excessive volumes of H2O. The purpose of hauling residual water is to support your community for its daily operations.

A recycled water community program delivers surplus water to many areas. For example, an average landscape of 1,500 square feet needs an estimated delivery of 1,000 gallons of recycled water and 1 square foot of lawn requires 0.5 gallons of water per square foot.

Uses for Recycled Water

Communities use recycled water for non-potable — non-drinking — uses such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction purposes
  • Cooling water for oil refineries and industrial process water — paper mills, concrete mixing, artificial lakes
  • Dust control
  • Gardens
  • Golf courses
  • Landscape irrigation
  • Orchard irrigation
  • Public parks
  • Soil compaction
  • Surface washing — sidewalks, patios, driveways, parking lots
  • Toilet flushing

But in some instances, your municipal may use recycled water for potable — drinking — purposes. More treatment is required when there is a higher chance of human exposure. If you don't consider proper treatment, the water can form diseases, resulting in human health problems.

Benefits of a Water Truck Conservation Program

A water conservation program can help your community through water shortages by satisfying most water demands. The water should be treated to ensure appropriate water quality no matter its purpose. While your community will profit firsthand from recycled water, the environment will gain benefits as well. For example, it will decrease diversion of water from ecosystems, decrease wastewater discharge, reduce or prevent pollution, save energy and result in restored wetlands.

Rely on Prime Source

Prime Source Parts and Equipment employs trained professionals to assist you in deciding the correct vehicle for your water truck conservation program. We service our clients in sourcing all makes of water trucks, and our product solutions will give your company a competitive edge.

Not only do we sell water trucks, but we also supply an extensive range of parts to accommodate your requirements. Prime Source is a single provider of allied parts and we partner with any contractor, whether you have one machine or an entire fleet. Our products are fit and finished for excellent use and are compatible with OEM parts. We ship anywhere in the U.S. while concentrating our services in the southeast.

Purchase a water truck or contact us online to learn about our products and equipment.

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