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You may think losing a few gallons of water while operating your truck is no big deal. For most people, it may be the simple shrug of the shoulders, and they neglect to fix the problem. While it may seem easier to forget about it, water waste can add up.

If for every trip you average a loss of two gallons of water and you make 10 trips per day, it can result in a massive loss for you financially. As the saying goes, “every little bit counts,” and it’s true in the case of water hauling.

Why Water Trucks Leak

Common water leaks from trucks often occur because the cap of your tanker isn’t fixed. Whether it’s negligence from your truck crew or the manufacturer, replacing the cap can help you save water. Discharge valves that release and stop the flow of water into the discharge pipes may not be of good quality either. It’s vital to keep the valves maintained for proper water flow and to keep them closed when necessary. If the valves can’t close with simple hand-tightening, the worn out part will require replacement.

Water also seeps from trucks because the outlet pipe faces downward. Instead, keeping the pipe perpendicular to the road will allow the water to stand at the same level as in the tank. High water pressure can also cause a loss of water compared to a steady flow.

How To Reduce Water Truck Waste

If you are looking to minimize water waste from your truck, there are several maintenance steps you can follow. An essential step to take is to replace faulty parts such as caps, valves or outlet pipes. Refer to Prime Source as we have every make and model to support your needs.

It’s also suggested to invest in a plastic tank liner to minimize water truck waste. It can protect your new tank from leaking, corroding or failing. Manufactured to fit the size and shape of your water tank, polypropylene liners can stop water from leaking. Not only are plastic tank liners flexible, but they also extend the life of your truck.

In the situation where one of your contracts doesn’t require an exact amount of water, lower water pressure or flow rate can conserve water. However, it only works for jobs that take variable quantities of water, compared to fixed quantities such as filling a pool.

Prime Source Replacement Parts

No matter the cause of your leaking water tank, we offer an extensive range of new and used water truck parts. Our trained experts also provide regular maintenance, emergency repair and accident repair. And if we don’t have your parts in stock, we will source it from one of our many suppliers.

Prime Source sells every component for your water truck to function at optimum performance levels, offering products such as valves, fittings, nozzles and cylinders.

Contact Us Online

Prime Source Parts and Equipment serves our clients with expertise in sourcing non-stocking all makes and parts for water trucks. Our product support solutions and professionals will help your business gain a competitive advantage compared to others in the industry. We are here to help you determine the right parts for your water tank to help prevent water truck waste.

Whether you need one part or many to repair a fleet of trucks, we ship anywhere in U.S. While we concentrate our services in the southeast, our experts are available to aid you in water conservation. Prime Source also partners with large and small contractors who benefit from a single source provider of allied products. Our products are fit and finished for excellent use and are compatible with OEM parts.

Contact us to purchase repair parts for your water truck or to learn more about our services. With our private vendor relationships, we are here to serve you with all of your requirements.

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