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One of the best ways to extend the life of your industrial and construction equipment is to reduce wear on your undercarriage. The undercarriage of your machines takes a beating as you put it to use every day, so any reduction of wear goes a long way to keeping it running longer and more reliably. Here at Prime Source, we have years of experience in the equipment parts and service industry and understand the importance of reducing wear on your undercarriage.

Follow these steps to minimize the wear on your equipment undercarriages.

Keep Your Undercarriage Clean

This simple step is critical in long undercarriage life. A quick rinse after every use and a weekly or monthly pressure wash to remove all built-up dirt and debris doesn’t take long but has a big effect on the wear of your undercarriage.

Adjust Your Track for Correct Tension

Over time, your track can loosen, and the extra movement translates into extra wear. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for setting the correct track tension for longer life and the best performance.

Avoid Peak Operating Speeds

As much as possible, keep your operating speeds below the maximum for your equipment. Pushing your equipment hard on a repeated basis can cause excess track wear and shorten the life of your undercarriage and moving parts.

Alternate Turning Direction

Avoid constantly running in the same direction. This creates uneven wear on the left and right tracks, and can cause one side to wear prematurely. Try to alternate left and right turns and curves to maintain even and consistent wear.

Inspect Your Undercarriage Daily

Daily inspection is important for all aspects of your equipment, especially the undercarriage. When you catch loose or worn parts early, you can make repairs and avoid costly breakdowns and downtime.

Our team here at Prime Source has the parts and service knowledge you’re looking for to help keep your equipment running longer. You can contact us today for more information on our extensive list of parts and services. We can also give you more tips on avoiding undercarriage wear and taking steps to extend the life of your valuable equipment.

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