What Is Down-the-Hole Drilling?

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The drilling industry includes two different processes — down-the-hole (DTH) drilling and top hammer drilling. The DTH drilling method has several advantages over top hammer drilling and is widely used today in cities and populated areas.

Down-the-Hole Drilling Method

During the DTH drilling process, the drill string rotates and the drilling hammer strikes down into the rock. The drilling hammer has a piston inside of it that's powered by compressed air to give the drill bit the power to strike the rock. It's similar to a mini jackhammer screwed onto the bottom of a drill string. The different rotational movements mean down-the-hole hammer drilling is a fast and effective way to crush through rock.

Most individuals use the DTH drilling method when they need a precise and quality hole with a diameter between 100-254 millimeters. You can drill holes down to 6,000 meters while keeping them incredibly straight. Down-the-hole well drilling is prevalent in cities and populated areas. The method only uses minimal energy and keeps both noise and vibration to a minimum.

Differences Between DTH Drilling and Top Hammer Drilling

As mentioned above, down-the-hole drilling is more energy-efficient than top hammer drilling. Top hammer drilling tools experience a loss of energy down the drill string, while DTH tools do not. Top hammer drilling tools also use a hammer that's outside the hole during the drilling process, leading to more noise and continual pressure. These tools often need replacing more often than down-the-hole hammer drilling tools.

DTH drilling tools are often more accurate, since top hammer drilling leads to jams that decrease accuracy in hard rock. Since the DTH drilling method works in a variety of different rocks, these industries often use it:

  • Mining
  • Water-well drilling
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas

Drilling Parts at Prime Source Parts and Equipment

Like any heavy machinery, we understand that drilling tools need regular maintenance and replacement parts. We're drillers that understand the industry and provide different drill consumables for all makes and types of drills. When you need parts for your down-the-hole hammer models, contact Prime Source Parts and Equipment.

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