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Water truck maintenance is similar to the upkeep of a car but on a more extensive scale. Water truck machines are designed for consistent heavy-duty work, meaning proper services are ideal to keep them in premium running conditions. Because water trucks are a significant investment, maintaining them for long-term use will improve your ROI.

Water Truck Service Checklist

A preventative maintenance checklist for water trucks is essential in reducing downtime of your equipment. Upkeep includes daily, monthly and yearly inspections for different parts of your vehicle. Refer to the following checklist for proper recommendations.


Daily maintenance for your water truck may seem excessive, but ending your day is more than shutting off your engine and taking the key out of the ignition. Each day you should open the drain valves of your truck to empty out the water system. Eliminating the tank of water allows for more air circulation and for debris to break loose in the internal system.

Making sure your truck’s systems are free of water is essential no matter when you conduct business. But it’s especially crucial during the winter months. Draining excess water from the valves can prevent freezing. If water freezes in your tank’s system, it has the potential to damage many parts of the truck. It’s also recommended to lubricate your system after each use. Here’s a summary of what to do each day:

  • Turn off the ignition
  • Drain valves
  • Make sure system is free of water
  • Lubricate


Water truck maintenance tips also include steps for each month, including inspections of your fluid levels, air breathers, cyclone units and electrical wiring systems.

You should check your fluid levels and air breather at least once or twice a month. Making sure your truck’s cylinders are in proper position is also imperative for appropriate servicing. If the fluid levels in your truck are low, refill as suggested. However, if fluid levels are low more often than usual, there may be a leak in the system.

As a monthly inspection, clean the debris body and inspect the air and water separator cyclone unit. You can wash the unit with water and wipe away dirt, debris and other contaminants from the boom enclosures. Inspecting the cyclone involves cleaning the screens and checking for air access. Finally, check your equipment’s electrical wiring system for loose connections, frayed wires and severe signs of damage. Here’s your checklist:

  • Check fluid levels and air breather
  • Clean debris
  • Inspect air and water separator cyclone unit
  • Check electrical wiring system


Preventative maintenance for water trucks demands yearly inspections to keep your company productive and proactive. Finding failures or potential hazards before they occur is vital in reducing replacement costs and downtime.

Each year, you should change the hydraulic filters by replacing old elements with new parts and filters. Flushing the hydraulic system requires you to drain fluid from your truck’s hydraulic tanks and reservoir by removing the drain plug. Once the fluid drains, you can fill it with fresh fluid.

Changing all the fluids in your water truck involves integrating them back into the system. By turning on the engine and performing hydraulic functions, it will help pump the new fluid throughout. Cleaning the body and painting it with primer is one of the final steps. If you store your water tank for extended periods of time — in the winter, for example — cleaning and repainting can reduce moisture, which will avoid corrosion in the long-run.

Other maintenance tips to consider are wheel-ends, brakes, electronics and controls, proper tire inflation, rotating tires and checking for alignment. Here’s your yearly checklist:

  • Change hydraulic filters and flush system
  • Change fluids
  • Clean body and repaint

Prime Source Water Truck Services

Prime Source offers clients reliable and professional repair services to prevent extensive downtime for your company. We complete efficient maintenance repair for your water truck to avoid further mishaps and future breakdowns. Several of our services include the following:

  • Water truck drivetrain repair
  • Undercarriage maintenance
  • Cab repairs
  • Hydraulic component repairs
  • Basic electrical components
  • Sheet metal

Our Dedication to Water Truck Repairs

We partner with any size contractor and are a single provider of allied parts. With a water truck preventative maintenance checklist, you can prevent failures before they occur or refer to our trained experts to help you repair any part of your water truck. We supply a range of parts to accommodate your requirements whether you have one machine or an entire fleet. Our products are fit and finished for optimum use and are compatible with OEM parts.

If you are looking to purchase water truck parts and equipment, we ship anywhere in the U.S. Contact us to learn about our products and how we can service your requirements.

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