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The productivity of your business is reliant on proper equipment. Whether you decide to rent or buy a water truck, it’s essential to gain an asset that’s reliable and durable for all your requirements. Both offer benefits and drawbacks depending on your situation.

But no matter your decisions, you will want a machine able to minimize your loading cycle times, ensure your crew’s safety and increase productivity.

Tips for Choosing a Water Truck

Whether you are in heavy construction, mining, road building or agriculture, you will want to purchase equipment in good working condition by performing a physical and mechanical inspection. If the hydraulic system appears faulty and the tires look rotted, move on to the next option. It’s also important to understand what you need from a truck, such as how much water you will need to haul and the duration of use.

Knowing product specifications is also a vital aspect in helping you decide which type of water truck to invest in. For example, water trucks hold different capacities of water, and their features differ as well. Research different models available because each has different strengths and capabilities, various valves, spray nozzles and other amenities.

How you haul your water can also impact the safety of your workers and the overall productivity, maintenance and uptime of your business. As such, tanks with flat tops reduce slipping and falling when filling and lanyard tie-offs increase safety as an anchor point for workers. Depending on what your job requires, numerous customizations are available.

Finding a manufacturer or supplier who can support you with spare parts is a final consideration. Prime Source Parts and Equipment, for example, not only can provide you with the option of purchasing a water truck, but also offer you an extensive range of parts and repair services as a single provider.

Choosing the Right Water Truck: Rent vs. Buy

It’s a common question to ask whether you should rent or buy an asset. Unfortunately, there is no direct answer — it’s subject to your company’s requirements. While you may be unsure of your exact decision, there are several considerations to keep in mind no matter which route you choose.

Buying Pros

Purchasing a new water truck offers many benefits, such as:

  • Ability to customize your truck
  • Aid with tax incentives
  • Complete ownership
  • Control over workers
  • Readily available equipment
  • Flexibility to take on large or small jobs
  • No liability issues with rental agreements
  • ROI increases over time

Buying Cons

Negative aspects of investing in a new asset are as follows:

  • Responsibility of proper maintenance
  • Initial high capital investment
  • Not ideal for launching companies

Renting Pros

Renting equipment is often seen as unreliable, but in fact, there are several positive outcomes, such as:

  • Ideal for companies starting out
  • Less expensive if only used several times
  • Not in charge of maintenance
  • Use as needed

Renting Cons

While renting holds several pros, there are more significant downfalls compared to buying. For example:

  • Liability issues if a worker gets hurt
  • Little to no control over equipment
  • Reliance on renting services for on-time deliveries

Count on Prime Source

Prime Source Parts and Equipment is here to help you determine which water truck will best suit your needs. We understand it’s a complicated process, but our trained experts are here to guide you and offer professional recommendations. We are a single provider of equipment and allied parts, whether you are looking to invest in one water truck or an entire fleet. Our parts are fit and finished to fit on your machines and are compatible with OEM parts.

If you are wondering how to choose a water truck, call our representatives or contact us online to gain more information.

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